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Website of Famous Wine City

sgpmover.com (sgpmover.com) was established in 2014. The company is located in Shengzhou, the white wine golden triangle, and is a leading vertical B2B e-commerce service platform for famous wines in China. It assists millions of dealers, Suppliers, liquor consumers engage in online business. The website has columns for wholesale, purchase, supply, information, exhibitions, brands, and investment promotion. It is an excellent e-commerce platform for Chinese small and medium-sized wine sales products, online store construction, corporate brand display, e-commerce operation planning, and market expansion!
At the same time, Mingjiudu provides diversified business management, Internet infrastructure construction services and promotion related services to domestic traders. With the purpose of "creating value-added services and promoting industrial development", it is committed to integrating the resources of the alcohol industry chain, building China's leading "small and medium-sized enterprise information service provider", and providing information-based overall solutions for enterprise industry chains.

The purpose of the famous wine city website

The establishment of Mingjiudu's website aims to provide an honest and fair online communication and trading platform for tens of thousands of liquor enterprise customers in China, transforming traditional purchasing and trading activities into a high-efficiency, low-cost new e-commerce model; promoting and expanding Domestic demand, guide SMEs to actively participate in the competition of the liquor market, and accelerate the process of enterprise informatization. sgpmover.com brings together a large amount of supply and demand information, and is a platform for enterprises to conduct online transactions, production and sales management, and display their corporate image; to obtain economic information, policy information, and business information. The online world of SMEs, a business community created by wine suppliers, manufacturers and buyers!

sgpmover.com is dedicated to driving domestic sales through business transactions, brand operation to create a market, integrating industry supply chain resources to expand processing and export, and other business themes, fully building an industry-wide industrial chain and providing a diversified business platform from business information to electronic transactions Application, a vertical B2B e-commerce platform that integrates diversified services such as brand image display, agent investment promotion, exhibitions, photo galleries and online ordering fairs.

Famous Wine City Website Positioning

sgpmover.com brings together all-round columns such as wholesale mall, supply, purchase, market, information, exhibition, investment, brand, gallery, video and so on. Her birth! It will greatly promote the exchange between enterprises. The biggest advantage of Mingjiudu is that it can provide various business services for liquor companies, make websites online, and release supply and demand information for free. Allowing the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to independently manage websites has minimized the cost and technical threshold for enterprises to enter the network, and has really brought into play the functions of e-commerce. In domestic trade and business activities, sgpmover.com will become an online business platform shared by Chinese wine suppliers and global buyers. sgpmover.com pays attention to the development of many small and medium-sized enterprises, because we are convinced: Only on the basis of the common development of small and medium-sized enterprises can the industry economy grow more healthily and rapidly.

Cultural philosophy

Mingdu.com's dream: Creating an ecological business world by developing new trading methods

The vision of sgpmover.com: to help small businesses e-commerce, to solve the problems of small business procurement, sales, and management

Mingdu.com's goal: to become a world-renowned wine e-commerce platform

The purpose of sgpmover.com: to help buyers and sellers achieve convenient, efficient and secure online transactions

Channel function

News channels provide professional news information for the wine industry to provide companies in all industries with the latest information;

The supply channel provides product information release and supply columns for producers and traders in the wine industry;

The Buy Channel provides columns for buying information for buyers of products demanded by the wine industry;

The mall channel provides a sales channel for wine manufacturers and traders to display products online, so buyers who need it can see it at a glance;

The Yellow Pages channel provides free website construction display information for SMEs in the wine industry;

The exhibition channel provides exhibition information release for small and medium-sized enterprises in the wine industry and keeps abreast of exhibition developments in various industries;

China Merchants Channel releases and displays the brand investment information of the wine industry distributors, which fully helps enterprises to launch brand investment promotion work;

The brand channel provides a display platform for SME brands in the wine industry;

Market Channel provides market information release for SMEs in the wine industry and keeps abreast of industry trends;

Q & A Channel provides Q & A information release columns for SMEs and consumers in the wine industry;

The Gallery Channel provides the latest picture references for SMEs in the wine industry to produce products that best meet market needs and sell well;

The video channel provides a platform for corporate image promotional videos and products for SMEs in the wine industry;

Company Profile

Mingjiudu.net belongs to Mingjiudu.net Technology Co., Ltd. Mingjiudu.net Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified development integrating e-commerce, software development, information system integration services, data processing and storage services and other unspecified information technology services. Network technology company. The company mainly focuses on e-commerce, technological innovation, network IT, and devotes itself to the Internet cause. Has young professional talents with rich experience and mature management team.
Taking the courage to fight and being the first to take the corporate culture;
People-oriented, customer-centric, demand-oriented and service-oriented;
Taking innovation, professionalism, truth-seeking, honesty and harmony as the business philosophy.

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