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Company Profile

Qingdao Qingjie Beer Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, a beautiful island city. The unique natural environment has given birth to another bright star in the Chinese beer industry. The company has first-class senior management personnel, first-class professional and technical personnel, first-class business personnel, and first-class production lines. Qingdao Qingjie Beer Co., Ltd. adheres to the development concept of "quality first, credit first", and aims at stabilizing production and improving product quality. The production process uses Australian high-quality barley and imported hops to achieve aseptic production and aseptic filling, and adopts 133 full-path aseptic control to ensure the excellent quality of the product. Make the product taste pure, pure foam, white and delicate, long-lasting care, aftertaste makes people have endless aftertaste. Qingjie Beer is exported to international markets all over the country and Japan, South Korea and other countries with its excellent quality assurance and integrity management philosophy.
Set up a complete quality management organization, establish and implement an effective quality management system, determine the company's quality policy, formulate and issue an annual quality policy every year, formulate and issue an annual quality target, evaluate monthly, strictly honor rewards and punishments, and establish a perfect The strict implementation of the quality management rules and regulations has ensured the solid and in-depth development of the quality management work of the enterprise. Through the formulation and implementation of the "Management Measures for Quality System Operation" and regular internal quality audits, the quality management system can be continuously and effectively operated. Implement standardized management, classify and manage various work standards and technical standards of the company, and continuously reform and improve during the implementation process, and gradually establish a scientific and systematic management standard system.
Qingdao Qingjie Beer Co., Ltd. specializes in beer, fruit beer and night beer. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide our clients with quality services. Welcome customers from Bafang to visit our company to guide our work!
Investment Promotion Tel: 0534-2155556, 13793467893

product description:

There are 330ml various night beer; there are 500ml, 588ml Qingjie beer series: Qingjie Beer, Qingjie Athens Beer, Qingjie Refreshing Beer, Qingjie Absolute Freezing Beer, Qingjie Blue Classic Beer, Qingjie Boutique Beer, Qingjie Draft beer, Qingjie gold beer, Qingjie dark beer, Qingjie five-star beer, Qingjie 10 ° pure beer, Qingjie white shark beer, Qingjie white bottle classic beer; Qingdao 9 ° beer series, Qingdao special beer , Qingjie Iced Beer, Wheat King Beer, Harbin Beer Hongxue Series, Harbin Iced Beer, etc .; there are also various fruit-flavored beers such as yellow pear juice beer, pineapple juice beer, rock sugar Sydney beer, etc .; there are also 330ml, 500ml boxes Packed, plastic canned beer: pure raw, special, high quality, wheat king, blue classic, ultra pure, super cool, dry beer, pineapple beer, etc.!

Investment policy:

1. Companies or individual industrial and commercial households that have obtained relevant business qualifications prescribed by the state;
2. Agree with the company's products and business philosophy;
3. Agents should have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and long-term investment vision;
4. Have distribution experience in the beverage, food and beverage industries;
5. Have financial strength and have market development funds for this product;
6. Have certain logistics and distribution capabilities and storage capabilities;
7. The manufacturer guarantees that there is only one operator in each region, and the regional protection mechanism for string consignment is strictly prohibited.
8. The company will give strong promotional activities according to the local actual situation of each distribution agent.

Investment Area:

Counties and cities across the country

contact details:

青岛青杰啤酒有限公司 Company Name: Qingdao Qingjie Beer Co., Ltd.
Contact: Manager Zhu
Phone: 13909086492
Chat QQ: 1395062628
Contact address: Shandong / Qingdao


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