Buy 100 tons of Luzhou-flavor base wine, the year is 7-10 years

立即报价有效期至:长期有效 Expected receipt: unlimited immediate quotation
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Purchase requirements

  • 不限 Number of requirements: unlimited
  • 5万-10万 Price requirements: 50,000 to 100,000
  • 不限 Packaging requirements: unlimited
  • 浓香型 Fragrance type: strong flavor
  • 60度以上 Degrees: Above 60 degrees
  • 四川 Place of Origin: Sichuan
Buy 100 tons of Luzhou-flavor base wine, 7 to 10 years, some contact as soon as possible
Buying requirements:

Year: 7-10 years

Fragrance type: strong flavor

Origin: Sichuan origin

Quantity: 100 tons

Price: 5-10 million tons

Degrees: above 60 degrees

有一定生产实力,有相应窖池,能长期供应。 Note: It has a certain production strength and a corresponding cellar, which can supply for a long time. Cooperation in good faith, do not disturb if you are not sincere! !!

Phone: 0830-6668368


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