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Hot Speed Technology (Chengdu) Brand Idea

Brand strategy consulting, brand marketing promotion, brand creative design, brand creation, brand hosting, media strategy

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Hotspeed Technology (Chengdu) brand creativity is a professional sub-unit of Hotspeed Technology (Chengdu) Biological Research Institute. It specializes in brand strategy consulting, brand marketing and promotion, brand creative design, brand creation, brand hosting, media strategy, etc. to assist alcohol Position corporate customers, groups, design and implement their brand marketing strategy development plans.
Hotspeed Technology (Chengdu) brand ideas are formed by first-class elites and experts in the industry. The core team has more than ten years of overall service experience in alcohol brands, providing effective and innovative products for corporate customers in the alcohol industry. Comprehensive brand creative services, whether it is product launch or new product brand strategy, new product design / service release, public relations activities, media strategy, the rich experience accumulated by HotScience (Chengdu) brand creativity in China can help customers calmly cope with various challenges Brand strategy matters and benefit their business.
Hotspeed Technology (Chengdu) brand creatives have created Gao Miao Jiu Lao Jiu Fang, Qian Jun Zui, Maotai, Yezu Oatmeal Spring, Bam Shenjiu, Yuanfangfang, Yangdan Qingying, Shenxianju, Guifang Chen, Muli Qingying, cashmere Wang Gu, Baishui Dukang, Shenghe Liquor, Yichunchun, Laixiang Liquor, Chaba Laobaigan and many other wine brand success cases have been unique in the field of wine brand planning and creative design and are at the leading level in the industry.
With a wealth of practical experience and a high degree of innovative spirit, Hotspeed Technology (Chengdu) brand creativity has ... [ Detailed introduction ]
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