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Xinxiang Golden Partner Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

R & D and sales of health products

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Hello everyone, Golden Partner is officially settled in famous wines!
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Xinxiang Golden Partner Biotechnology Co., Ltd., located on the 17th floor of the Chamber of Commerce Building, Jinsui Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, is a high-tech biotechnology company that develops and sells health products. The products produced are green, healthy and pure plants without any chemical elements. Is good for people but not harmful.
The company uses nanotechnology to purify Chinese herbal medicine plants, and according to the theory of "medicine-food homology" in traditional Chinese medicine, scientifically complies with its internal effects to produce synthetic pure plant drinks or food.
The "health companion" healthy plant drink currently on the market uses the national patented secret formula. After years of experience and verification, it has the effect of hangover-protecting the liver, nourishing the stomach, increasing energy, and detoxifying the poison. The drinking effect of the product is amazing, especially It is the magical effect and surprising hangover function in "hangover", which is loved and recognized by consumers.
The company has a high-quality workforce, strong technical force; years of market development and operation, for the company has cultivated and created a group of management personnel with advanced market operation concepts and rich sales experience. The company adheres to the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness, caring for health, and common development. The product quality is consistent, and its product quality is firmly controlled. In 2015, the company will invest heavily to build a "health companion" brand, and sincerely invite the successful people who intend to manage the health cause to join in, and jointly create a new glory in the health industry ... [ Detailed introduction ]
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