Yinzhou Jinjiao Alcoholic Beverage Co., Ltd. and China's Famous Wine Capital Wine Network work together to create a good investment platform!
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    Quzhou Jinjiao Alcoholic Beverage Co., Ltd.

    Yinzhou Jinjiao Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the south of the Yangtze River Bridge in the downtown of Luzhou City, Jiuzhou, near the mountains and the water. The company's brewing and packaging base covers an area of more than 140 acres, has more than 100 million yuan in fixed assets, and more than 50 million yuan in current assets. There are currently 78 cellar pools over 50 years old and 200 old cellars over 30 years old. There are 68 engineering and technical personnel, including 7 senior engineers, 1 national registered senior sommelier, and 1 senior winemaker. With an annual output of more than 5,000 tons of solid base wine and three automatic filling lines, it can produce more than 10,000 bottles of bottled wine per day.
    Our company is a professional food industry enterprise integrating liquor technical consultation, brewing, packaging and sales. It has strong technical force and perfect production facilities and quality analysis instruments for liquor analysis.

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  • 泸州原酒基酒 金窖醇 浓香型基酒62度中段原酒 酒龄3年
  • 泸州原酒基酒 金窖醇 浓香型基酒62度中段原酒 酒龄8年
  • 泸州散白酒 金窖醇 浓香型基酒62度中段原酒 酒龄1年
  • 泸州金窖醇 天香池蓝宝石浓香型白酒52度 520ml
  • 泸州金窖醇 天香池红宝石浓香型白酒52度 520ml
  • 泸州金窖醇 天香池老窖秘藏 50度浓香型白酒 1500ml
  • 泸州金窖醇 天香池天香红52度浓香型白酒 520ml
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    Quzhou Jinjiao Alcoholic Beverage Co., Ltd.


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