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Quzhou Meijia Technology Co., Ltd.

Alcohol sales

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Company Profile ( was established in 2014. The company is located in Shengzhou, the white wine golden triangle, and is a leading vertical B2B e-commerce service platform for famous wines in China. It assists millions of dealers, Suppliers, liquor consumers engage in online business. The website has columns for wholesale, purchase, supply, information, exhibitions, brands, and investment promotion. It is an excellent e-commerce platform for Chinese small and medium-sized wine sales products, online store construction, corporate brand display, e-commerce operation planning, and market expansion!
At the same time, Mingjiudu provides diversified business management, Internet infrastructure construction services and promotion related services to domestic traders. With the purpose of "creating value-added services and promoting industrial development", it is committed to integrating the resources of the alcohol industry chain, building China's leading "small and medium-sized enterprise information service provider", and providing information-based overall solutions for enterprise industry chains. [ Detailed introduction ]
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