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Chuzhou Old House Ququ Winery

Production and sales of mid- and low-grade Luzhou-flavor liquor

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Luzhou. China Wine City, the birthplace of Chinese Luzhou-flavor liquor. Luzhou was identified by the experts of the United Nations Food and Agriculture and UNESCO as "the city most suitable for brewing high-quality pure distilled spirits, and the liquor ecological area that Chinese liquor cannot be copied". As early as the Ming Dynasty, Luzhou was famous for "more wine cellars than wells". Today, Luzhou has 116 liquor enterprises above designated size, with 19,000 cellars. One of them is Chuzhou Old House Qujiu Distillery. It has nearly 100 mouths of old cellar ponds, relying on Luzhou's unique brewing natural resources, selecting local glutinous sorghum, rice, wheat, and other grains as raw materials, adhering to the millennium traditional ancient brewing process, combining the latest modern science and technology, and carefully brewing The aroma of the cellar is rich, elegant and exquisite, full-bodied and full-bodied, and the long-lasting high-quality base wine, seasoning wine, and aging wine are the original wines.
Shengzhou Old House Qu Winery——Houhoudao Liquor Co., Ltd., inherits and carries forward China's long-standing liquor culture, takes “new media of corporate culture, new messenger of brand image” as its mission, adhering to “customization with heart, service with emotion With the corporate philosophy of "honesty in life and business with benevolence", according to customer needs and corporate cultural characteristics, we have launched classic series such as wedding banquet wine, gift custom wine, hospitality custom wine, special custom wine, last name special wine and anniversary wine. The packaging designed by domestic first-class designers with rich cultural heritage, for customers to respond to commemorations, gifts, hospitality, exclusive offerings, gratitude, collection and image promotion ... [ Detailed introduction ]
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