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Sichuan Gulin Mailang Wine Co., Ltd.

Jingmailang Series Liquor Production and Sales

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Company Profile
Sichuan Gudang Mailang Liquor Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the production and sale of compatible, strong-flavor liquor and original liquor. The company is located in Gulang Erlang Town, Yinzhou, Sichuan, China, and is located in the Golden Triangle of Chinese Liquor.
Jingmailangjiu uses five unique grains of sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn as raw materials. It takes advantage of the unique and mild climate, high-quality water sources, and ecological environment to adopt the traditional "solid-state cellar fermentation and aging storage" process. , Carefully brewed under the guidance of a national famous brewing master, the company developed 46 ° / 52 ° Jingmailang small wine, 42 ° / 52 ° Jingmailang collection, 42 ° / 52 ° Jingmailang sauce wine, 42 ° / 52 ° Jingmailangdongzang and other grades, different flavors, different degrees of liquor, can meet the needs of consumers in different regions, different cultural backgrounds, and different levels of products. [ Detailed introduction ]
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