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Xinxiang Tianli Packaging Co., Ltd.

Offset printing. Screen printing. Ink printing. Professional high. Medium. Low-grade wine packaging

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Founded in 1987, the company is located in Mengzhuang Town Industrial Concentration Zone, Huixian City, a national sustainable development experimental zone. It is a modern printing and packaging company integrating creative design, color printing and subsequent processing processes, with advanced production equipment. Strong technical force. Now has 80 million yuan in fixed assets, 200 employees, the company has more than 50 professional and technical personnel, the style is constantly updated, the product design is novel, we have been working hard to make us a leader in the industry, we will continue to pursue innovation to meet the needs of different customers Packaging needs.

Our company newly introduced a full set of foreign printing equipment, with a new 6 + 1UV printing machine imported from Japan, a full-automatic grinding and bronzing machine, a full-automatic screen machine, a full-automatic refracting and embossing machine, and other advanced equipment at home and abroad to ensure that every process Achieve customer satisfaction, which directly determines the quality of printed matter and meets the needs of various high-end printed matter. Nissan can pack 100,000 boxes and 50,000 boxes to meet the requirements of our customers. [ Detailed introduction ]
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