Yinzhou Yuezhi Brewery Co., Ltd. and China Famous Wine City Wine Network work together to create a good investment platform!
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    Shengzhou Yuezhi Brewery Co., Ltd.

    Shengzhou Yuezhi Brewery Co., Ltd. is located on the tenth floor of Jiale Plaza, Jiangyang District, Shengzhou City, Sichuan Province. Looking ahead, we will fully grasp the development trend of China's capital market. Our business purpose: to be a corporate citizen, create a million strengths! Better life for people! The company adheres to people-oriented, seeks customers with integrity, strives for survival with quality, and strives to be customer first, market first, quality first. After years of ups and downs, we have achieved remarkable development, and their impressive achievements have won applause! In the future, let's write a new chapter together.
    Yinzhou Yuezhi Brewery Co., Ltd. is located in Yinzhou, a famous wine city in China. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with a mild climate, surrounded by two rivers, and green water. It is an ideal base for the production of strong aroma wine. The wine is fragrant and intoxicating.
    Yuezhi Brewery Company takes "honesty as a person and conduct business with integrity" as its purpose. "Let customers get the greatest satisfaction" is our basic business philosophy; "excellent excellence" is the persistent pursuit of Yuezhi Brew.
    Based on the unique traditional brewing technology, the comprehensive production technology of Yuezhi brewing industry is integrated, from koji making and ingredients to brewing, storage and finished product processing. Excellent product quality comes from the meticulousness of every production link.
    A wide range of wines produced by Yuezhi Brewery have been well received by customers. Among them, "Fruit of the Moon" Osmanthus wine is popular among consumers and dealers. & ...

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  • 泸州白酒 48度 天生竹大清香酒 鲜竹酒 竹子酒 清香型白酒
  • 泸州白酒 45度 天生竹幸福小酒 鲜竹酒 竹子酒 清香型白酒
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    Shengzhou Yuezhi Brewery Co., Ltd.


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