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What are the conditions for zhenzhen wine agency? How much does it cost to be a general agent?

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for liquor is increasing. Whether it is health care, exchange of entertainment, or holiday gifts, liquor is inseparable. If you have the idea of venture capital investment, then the beverage industry is a reliable choice. 代理条件是什么? What are the conditions for zhenzhen wine agency? How much does it cost to be a general agent?


代理 的要求并不高,只要是年满十八周岁,拥有一定的创业资金,可以中长期在就酒水业发展。 Zhenjiu's headquarters does not have high requirements for agents . As long as it is over 18 years old and has certain venture capital, it can develop the wine industry in the medium and long term. Recognized the headquarters 'business philosophy, intended to cooperate with the headquarters' innovative policies, and received various marketing training from the headquarters. With a certain degree of cooperation and integrity, the headquarters is welcome to join you. Only when we work together and have the same goals can we achieve win-win cooperation.

You don't need to invest too much to be the general agent of Zhenjiu. It can be tens of thousands of dollars, which is acceptable to every family. In addition, the headquarters treats agents at all levels equally and provides agents with a variety of cooperation policies. Agents can invest according to their economic strength. The specific investment cost has a lot to do with the location of the store selected by the agent and the area in which it is located. If you want to know the detailed investment budget, you can consult customer service.

The brand has always adhered to the principles of health and nature, and has always had strict requirements in the brewing process. All wines are selected from high-quality sorghum, wheat, etc. as raw materials, added with local sweet spring water, and undergo traditional winemaking process, scientific brewing, and long-term cellaring. The brewed wine is mellow and mellow in empty glasses, and is regarded as "treasure in wine". To be such a good liquor agent , it must be the right choice.

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