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Which regions can Jiang Xiaobaijiu join in?

白酒品牌 ,各式各样的都有,不知道大家听说过江小白酒没有,很多朋友都问江小白酒哪些区域可以代理加盟?想要了解的朋友一起看看吧! Today at the dinner table, many people drink wine and discuss things. In order to meet this demand, there are a lot of liquor brands on the market , all kinds are available. I asked Jiang Xiaobaijiu which areas can be joined by agents? Friends who want to know take a look!

According to our understanding, at present, all districts and counties under the jurisdiction of Chongqing Municipality already have dealers, and other provinces in the country are developing according to plan. If you are interested in distributing Jiangxiaobaijiu products, you want to know whether your city is in Jiangxi In the development plan of Xiaobaijiu, and whether there is a dealer, you can check on the official website.


Jiang Xiaobaijiu has a strong brand. It has no high requirements for investors and can be represented in many regions. This brand has gained a high popularity in the market. Joining is easy, as long as you recognize Jiang Xiaobaijiu's business management philosophy, has the willingness to join Jiang Xiaobaijiu, is a legal citizen, with these conditions you can easily join.

Jiang Xiaobai advocates the emotion of facing youth, not avoiding or fearing. "Instead of letting emotions depress, let it be released.

Liquor brewing is inseparable from the local natural geographical environment. 清香型白酒 发源地——重庆市江津区白沙古镇。 In order to trace its roots, Jiangxiao Liquor has selected the brewing base-"Jiangji Winery" -at the birthplace of Xiaoqu fragrance-type liquor -Baisha Ancient Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing.


Jiang Xiaobai liquor has three steps of high temperature koji making, high temperature stacking fermentation, high temperature distillation, which ensures the taste and eliminates harmful bacteria to a great extent, making the fermentation process more successful.

In terms of product taste, Jiang Xiaobaijiu has been adhering to the credo of the supremacy of consumers and is committed to the research and innovation of "liquorization" of liquor. Jiang Xiaobaijiu summarized the liqueur standard of liquor as "SLP Product Code", that is, liquor should be suitable for consumers' taste, and work in the direction of "Smooth, light, pure".

Jiang Xiaobai joining conditions

1. New media marketing must understand, have their own perceptions and opinions on youth, fashion, simplicity, and like to be exposed to new ideas, new concepts and new things.


2. There are offices and warehouses, vehicles, sales and distribution teams, and financial logistics teams.

3. Responsible persons and managers often use social tools. The catering channel has a strong ability to operate, and larger prefecture-level cities have the ability.

4. With sufficient capital reserves, we can accept the capital requirements such as the total capital investment required by our company, the purchase price for the first purchase, and the performance bond.

The above are the areas where Jiang Xiaobaijiu organized by Xiaobian can be joined by agents? Pay attention! Jiang Xiaobaijiu is a well-known brand of white wine. Friends who choose to join this brand can leave a message to learn about it!

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