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How do you know the alcohol blending wine

In the past, liquor was basically fermented with grain. Now, with the rapid development of science and technology, many businesses use alcohol to blend drinks. So how to distinguish between alcohol blending wine and pure grain brewing wine? Let's explore today.

Wine culture has a long history in China, and wine brewing has a long history in China. In ancient China, wine was regarded as a sacred material. The use of wine is a more solemn matter. It is not used for worshiping heaven and earth, offering ancestral temples, and serving guests.

As a special cultural carrier, wine occupies a unique position in human communication. Whether you are visiting relatives or friends or celebrating the festival, wine is an essential gift.

However, with the emphasis on wine culture, the value of various wines has also risen. 商机 For some bad businesses, it seems that they have once again sniffed the business opportunity of getting rich . So in order to make huge profits, many merchants began blending drinks on their own, so as to fill up.

And this kind of alcohol blended out of alcohol, although the taste is similar to that of pure grain brewed alcohol, but it is very harmful to the body.

Next, we will share with our friends how to distinguish alcohol blending wine and pure grain brewing wine.

1. Look at the packaging

Generally, there are implementation standards on the packaging of wine, and the implementation standards generally start with GB / T. There are also those that begin with DB, QB, most of which begin with GB / T. This is the national standard. You just need to remember the following two:

GB / T20821 (combined with pure edible alcohol + water + ethyl acetate and other additives)

GB / T20822 (not less than 30% pure grain wine + not more than 70% alcohol + other substances)

2. Look at hops

Shake the bottle vigorously, if there is a lot of foam inside, and it will last for a long time. Then its quality should be very good. This indicates that the probability of grain wine is relatively high.

3. Water addition method

First pour the wine in a clean glass, mix mineral water with the wine one to one, or two to one. The water is fine. After shaking, if the wine is still clear, the alcohol is used to make the wine.

Under normal circumstances, grain brewing wine will be slightly cloudy after adding water. This is because after adding water, the alcohol is diluted, and the higher fatty ethyl ester in white wine has a reduced solubility in low-alcohol, which causes precipitation, resulting in opacity of light, and such substances in alcohol are very small, so it will not become cloudy after adding water .

4. Fire method

Use a plate to take 50 ml of pure grain wine and alcohol blending wine, light it. After burning, the key point comes (the remaining liquid). One smell, two looks, three tastes. Pure grain wine still smells fragrant, has a cloudy color, and has a sweet and sour taste. Alcohol blending is no longer present, the color is translucent, and the taste is pungent.

5. Hand rub

Pour the wine in your hand for three or five drops and rub it a few times, then smell the wine. The pure grain wine is mellow and the lees are heavy. After ten minutes of not washing your hands, you still smell the wine. Alcohol blended wine, the wine is pungent, and the smell of distiller's grains is not obvious. You don't need to wash your hands for ten minutes to smell the wine.

The above 5 kinds of identification methods can help you to choose the authentic pure grain wine. However, it is recommended that you buy alcohol from regular channels if you want to buy alcohol.

The above content about how to identify alcohol blending wine, do you know the relevant content is introduced here for everyone, if you have any other questions, please leave a message for consultation!

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