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Five surprises of Bordeaux wine region tour in France

Tourists who have been to France should know that although traveling in France is a very enjoyable thing, sometimes it can be a very challenging thing, because its beauty is so numerous that it is difficult to explore them all.

If you happen to be traveling to France, I highly recommend that you visit Bordeaux in southwestern France. Bordeaux is an offshore city that can be reached by train, plane or car; if you know something about wine, then you should know that Bordeaux is the world's best wine producing region, and it can be called a gem in the wine industry. Bordeaux's winemaking has a history of more than 2,000 years; today, its wine industry is still booming. In addition to first-class grapes and wines, Bordeaux also has a lot of beautiful scenery, which is a lot of tourist attractions. Here are some interesting aspects of traveling in Bordeaux.

I. Travel through time

Bordeaux has at least 5,000 unique Gothic / Baroque buildings, perfectly presenting the rich historical deposits of the region, and the whole looks like a 17th century ancient city depicted in a fairy tale book.

Bordeaux has some of France's oldest museums, which contain many important specimens and antiquities, including animal specimens and historical documents.

Art and culture on wheels

Bordeaux is as passionate about art as it is about wine. In order to promote people's understanding of Bordeaux art and culture, the authorities have set up a Modern Art Bus, which can be used to explore the artistic characteristics of all corners of Bordeaux.

Modern art buses are a great way to see the work of visual artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol.

Shopping paradise

Rue Saint Catherine is the longest shopping street in Europe, 1.2 kilometers long, with high-end shops, beer shops, coffee shops and shopping centers, including the famous Galeries Lafayette. The decoration is like The palace is just as brilliant.

When shopping on St. Catherine Street, it is best to wear comfortable casual shoes. Be careful when it rains because the road will be slippery.

Four, authentic French food and wine

For Bordeaux restaurants, finding the freshest ingredients to make the most delicious food is not difficult. Visitors can taste the very representative foie gras, cheese and Atlantic oysters.

A great meal is best paired with a wonderful wine, so when dining in Bordeaux, don't just focus on food, but also a local classic wine.

Five, colorful nightlife

In Bordeaux, there are many interesting things to do after nightfall. For example, go to the pubs, bars, and cafes near Place de la Victoire, enjoy live drinks while enjoying a drink, and let your body and mind be completely relaxed and rested. If you like hot music and dance, you can experience it at Quai de Paludate.

There is a 250-year-old Bordeaux Grand Theater on St. Catherine Street, and in the evening, it is best to go there to enjoy an opera, concert or ballet.

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