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Should not be missed! The 95th Fuzhou Autumn National Sugar & Liquor Conference [Fujian Pavilion Minpai Rice Wine Zone]

Should not be missed! The 95th Fuzhou Autumn National Sugar & Liquor Conference [Fujian Pavilion Minpai Rice Wine Zone]

The National Sugar and Liquor Association is known as the "barometer" of the Chinese food industry. It is the largest and most influential exhibition in the Chinese food industry. It is called "the world's first meeting" by industry insiders. The 95th National Sugar and Liquor Fair will be held at Fuzhou Straits Convention and Exhibition Center from October 20-22, 2016. As the nation ’s longest-established and largest wine and food industry event, the National Sugar and Liquor Fair has always played a pivotal role in the industry. After 2012, the National Sugar and Liquor Fair settled in Fuzhou again. Great opportunity.

In order to expand and enhance the influence of our wine production enterprises and wine products, and highlight the promotion of Fujian-style rice wine, Qiutang Fujian Museum gathers well-known Fujian wine companies with the theme of "Chinese rice wine red yeast model, Fujian-style rice wine" as the theme. Min pie rice wine. Exhibitors include Longyan Shencang Wine Co., Ltd., Fujian Wuyi Wine Co., Ltd., Fujian Hongsheng Minhou Wine Co., Ltd., Fujian Huizelong Wine Co., Ltd., Fujian Guling Old Wine Co., Ltd., and Ningde Huangjia Wine Co., Ltd. Company, Xiamen Xiangnan Liquor Co., Ltd., Xiamen Fuergui Liquor Co., Ltd., etc. Among them, Longyan Shencun is the eighteenth famous wine in China and the representative company of Fujian-style rice wine; Huizelong is the largest rice wine production enterprise in the province, and is also the first organic rice wine production enterprise in China, and the representative company of Fujian-style rice wine; Guling old wine is Fujian Lao Jiu is a well-known Chinese name; Wuyi Liquor is the largest Luzhou- flavor liquor company in the province.

Recommended by high-quality exhibitors!

Longyan Shencang Liquor Co., Ltd. Hall 9A045T

A company with a long history and a strong cultural heritage. The company was founded in 1956. In 2007, through investment promotion, Hong Kong Chonghong Group was invested to invest in Shenyang Liquor Industry, investing more than 70 million yuan, making the Shenyang Liquor brand more competitive. Good heritage and development. Shen Chongjiu has won international and national gold awards 24 times, and won the title of National Famous Wine at the second, third and fourth national wine reviews, and is one of the eighteen famous wines in China. Party and state leaders Jia Qinglin, Yang Chengwu, and Chen Yixian came to the company one after another, and praised with inscriptions such as "Creating Brilliance", "Crown of Yellow Wine" and "China's Best, Longyan Sink".

Fujian Wuyi Wine Industry Co., Ltd. Hall 9A046T

Since its establishment in 1956, in the decades of vicissitudes, it has been adhering to the traditional and sophisticated brewing technology, and has continuously made progress, making the company from a small enterprise with an annual output value of less than 10 million to the province's largest Luzhou-flavor liquor enterprise.

Fujian Hongsheng Minhou Wine Co., Ltd. Hall 9A312C-9A314C

Fujian Hongsheng Minhou Liquor Co., Ltd. has a wine making history of nearly 60 years and is the largest rice wine producer in Fujian. The company has strong technical force, and the production of Qinghong brand green wine and Minjiang brand Minjiang old wine are typical representatives of Chinese red yeast rice wine. Based on the essence of traditional technology, the company applies a series of new technologies such as pure breed fermentation, large tank fermentation, yellow wine freezing, and sterile membrane filtration to yellow rice production. In recent years, we have developed a variety of drinking, refreshing, health-care, low-functional, nutritious red yeast rice wine products, which have rejuvenated the world's oldest wine, Chinese red yeast rice wine.

Fujian Huizelong Wine Industry Co., Ltd. Hall 9A309C-9A311C

It has a total investment of 300 million yuan, covers an area of 120 acres, and has an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons. It is the largest rice wine production enterprise in Fujian Province and the first organic rice wine production enterprise in China. It mainly produces and sells Minpai rice wine products, including traditional red Quhuang wine, refreshing red yeast rice wine, special red yeast rice wine. Obtained "Chinese Food Industry Science and Technology Progress", "Fujian Famous Brand", "Fujian Private Brand Product", "Fujian Time-honored Brand", "Fujian Red Yeast Production and Rice Wine Brewing Technology Intangible Cultural Heritage", and the company obtained "China Food industry science and technology progress outstanding enterprise "," Fujian agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise "," Fujian AAA credit enterprise "and other titles.

Fujian Guling Old Wine Co., Ltd. Hall 9A312C-9A314C

Established in 2014, it is a comprehensive entity enterprise integrating R & D, production, manufacturing and marketing, market-oriented, mainly producing a series of products such as old wine, rice wine, cooking wine and other products.
The company is now equipped with laboratories for professional R & D, with advanced production equipment and modern production lines, as well as a group of excellent R & D teams. Fujian Guling Laojiu automated production line reaches 80,000 bottles per day. The introduction of the most advanced green wine production line can fill 60 tons of finished products per day.
Ningde Huangjia Wine Co., Ltd. Hall 9A308C

Ningde Huangjia Liquor Co., Ltd. integrates R & D, production, operation, sales and management. It owns the "Hubei Huangjia Old Wine" Fujian Famous Trademark and "Minchuan Red" Famous Trademark. Now it has completed production, packaging, Finished product workshop, wine storage, semi-finished product, finished product warehouse, laboratory and comprehensive building more than 30 acres, and supporting advanced production equipment and testing equipment.
The company has strong economic strength, advanced production equipment, scientific production technology, perfect management system, sound marketing network, high-quality after-sales service, specially selected local high-quality glutinous rice and red glutinous rice, draw natural spring water, and brew it with ancient recipes. Huangjia old wine, custom wine, red yeast rice wine and other varieties of products, with "full-bodied wine, full-bodied wine, strong aroma, sweet and mellow, firmness and softness, soft and hard moderate" unique style. The products are mainly sold to various regions in Fujian Province and more than 20 provinces and cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hainan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Qinghai, Guizhou and Hubei.

Xiamen Xiangnan Brewery Co., Ltd. Hall 9A306C

In order to commemorate the grand opening of Xiamen Xiang'an Subsea Tunnel, the first subsea tunnel in mainland China, the company has refined a limited edition of Xiang'an Village Liquor, which has become the designated reception wine of the Xiang'an District Government of Xiamen City. Xiang'an Village wine uses high-quality glutinous sorghum as raw materials. The groundwater veins of Xiangfeng Mountain and Taimen Mountain in Jinmen adopt the traditional brewing process of the Chinese millennium—solid fermentation. It also absorbs some of the excellent craftsmanship of Jinmen sorghum and Guizhou Moutai . It combines the essence of the three places' craftsmanship, and in the excellent natural ecological environment, after a long fermentation period of 100 days and a maturity period of 15 days, it has achieved the best in wine.

Xiamen Fulgui Wine Co., Ltd. Hall 9A307C

Xiamen Fuergui Liquor Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful island city of Xiamen. It is the sole operator authorized by Taiwan Jinmen Fuergui Brewery Co., Ltd. to trademark the "Furgui" and "Taijin Sorghum Liquor" in the mainland. The supply of natural and environmentally-friendly raw materials, authentic pure grain solid-state brewing technology, and unique brewing recipes have achieved the high-end quality of Taijin sorghum wine "clear and transparent", "fragrant and elegant", and "mellow glutinous glutinous sage". High reputation.

Noble Fuer has given himself an arrogant mentality and a spirit of hard work. As a rising star in the liquor industry, we will work with dealer friends to be creative and move forward to create a brilliant tomorrow for Taiwan Jin Sorghum Wine!
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