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What about VIRU beer? How about a BROK beer? tasty?

What about VIRU beer? How about a BROK beer? tasty?

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in human beings, and it is the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea. Beer was introduced to China at the beginning of the twentieth century. People call it "beer" according to the translation of English Beer into Chinese "beer", which is still used today.

The origin of beer is closely related to the origin of grain. In Babylon, Cuba, more than 6000 years ago, people have mastered the method of using alcohol to make alcoholic beverages. Barley malt, hops, and water are the main raw materials, and fermented to produce carbon dioxide-containing low-alcohol wine. This is beer. Around 1300 BC, beer in Egypt was highly developed as an excellent industry under state management. Subsequently, beer brewing technology was transferred from Egypt through Greece to Western Europe. After a long period of brewing technology reform and the development of storage technology, beer has entered millions of households, becoming an ordinary but indispensable table on the table of people around the world today. Less drinks.

The Baltic coast, as the world's famous beer production region, not only produces the world famous Carlsberg beer, but also brews the world-renowned German craft beer. There is plenty of rain throughout the year, and the temperate maritime climate makes the Baltic coast suitable for crop growth. The relatively occluded terrain makes it difficult for the North Atlantic warm current to enter the Baltic Sea. The temperature is not high. It is this unique temperature condition that has bred many world-renowned high-quality beers. VIRU and BROK beer are two high-quality beers from the Baltic coast.

VIRU beer-taste authentic Estonian style

Viru beer is a premium Lager with an alcohol content of 5% (Lager-brewed light beer after storage). Estonia is the country with the best air and water quality in the world. It is brewed from local high-quality ingredients. It has a kind of bread mixed with the aroma of lemon jam, the taste of green jam and roasted cereals, and a touch of grassy aroma. A fresh and refreshing feeling.

The bottle body of Viru Beer is designed on the basis of Estonia's capital, Tallinn's most famous church and tower. The smooth and exquisite octahedron-cut bottle body is packaged. The shape of the bottle reveals the beautiful scenery of the Baltic coast. With its unique quality, culture and packaging, VIRU quickly became the most famous export of the Baltic states.

Podak (BROK) beer-low-key and pleasant from Poland

Podak beer originates from Poland and is a product of VAN PUR, the largest beer brand in Eastern Europe. Brewed according to the traditional recipe of the 19th century brewery, this beer has a rich and soft taste, low-key and pleasant, and the aroma of hops and mild bitterness are also one of its characteristics. Podak beer has three kinds of packaging: 330ml, 500ml cans and 500ml bottles. Different packaging can satisfy more wine lovers.

Beer, as a popular alcoholic beverage in the world, has more and more styles and varieties. How to find a delicious and high-quality beer among so many types has become the common goal of more and more lovers. The two beers introduced by Xiaobian are not only good in taste but also excellent in quality. If you have the opportunity, you can taste a bottle of beer and experience the style of beer from the coast of the Baltic Sea.

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