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Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

Wine tasting is a complicated process, and it is inevitable for some newcomers to enter the wine door. The following summarizes some specific steps for wine tasting, hoping to help everyone to quickly enter the door of wine tasting.

Look at color

Under good light, use white as the background (when tasting wine, it is best to use a white tablecloth or white paper on the table), place the wine glass at an angle of 45 degrees under the eyes, and carefully identify the color of the wine, especially The edge of the wine.

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

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For red wines, purple-red indicates that the wine is still young, ruby red represents vitality, and brick red represents aging over time; for white wines, green represents young, orange and brown represent Aged.

Shake wine glass

After observing the color, you can start to shake the glass gently, allowing the wine to spin quickly in the glass. Lightly shaking the wine glass can accelerate the volatilization of the wine's aroma, which not only allows you to better appreciate its aroma, but also allows the wine and oxygen to have more contact, so that the wine's aroma can spread quickly.

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

However, for those who are new to wine, they may not be able to control the strength and let the liquor splash out of the glass uncontrollably. At this time, you can take a simpler and safer method-put the cup on the table, pinch the stem with your thumb and forefinger, and circle counterclockwise on the table. When you become proficient in the future, you do n’t need to put it on the table!

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

Image credit: Wine Folly

Look at the wine legs

When shaking the wine glass, you can observe the wine legs. Most people think that wine and quality can be observed by looking at the legs, which is actually unreasonable. The wine leg does not have any direct relationship with the quality of the wine, and can only be used as an indicator to measure the alcohol content of the wine.

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

Image source: Sina

Smell the aroma

Smelling incense is a difficult step for entry enthusiasts. First of all, we need to confirm whether the aroma is pure and rich, and then we must carefully identify the aroma characteristics of the wine.

The richness of the aroma can be quickly distinguished by a little trick: put the wine glass at the same height as the chest, and then slowly move to the tip of the nose to maintain a stable breath during the process. If it is about a half fist apart, you can smell the aroma of the wine, indicating that the aroma is strong; if you want to bring the wine glass close to the nose, even if the tip of the nose is almost touching the mouth of the glass, you can smell the aroma, it means that the wine is very light .

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

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After judging the richness, it is time to discern the aroma. At this time you can use the aroma card to judge. In the process of smelling, first judge the fruity and floral aroma, and then judge whether there is any aroma from oak and other special aromas developed.

5. Take a sip

Don't drink too much wine, just take a small sip.

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

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The biggest difference between drinking and tasting is "spitting wine", first sip 10ml of wine, stir with your tongue and inhale, so that the taste of the wine will spread as much as possible with the temperature of the tongue. In this way, you can correctly taste whether the taste of the wine is soft, whether the taste is balanced, whether the wine is heavy, and so on.

6. Inhale deeply and smell the fragrance

Generally speaking, enzymes, saliva and other substances in the mouth will hinder the aroma of wine tasting. Only through the deep "inhalation" of the nose can the wine aroma and air be perfectly combined, and the aroma The aroma of the wine is fully expressed.

7. Try another bite of wine

This time, you can taste the wine and taste its flavor and texture. Before that, you can learn about some flavors of common grape varieties, such as:

Cabernet Sauvignon-with black fruit and vegetable flavor;

Merlot-with plum, red and black fruits, floral notes;

Zinfandel-with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, etc .;

Shiraz-with black fruits and black spices;

Pinot Noir-with the flavor of red fruits, it can also develop plant and animal flavors such as wet leaves, mushrooms and game after aging;

Chardonnay-with the flavor of tropical fruits (hot regions); the flavor of citrus (slightly warm regions); the flavor of green apples and lemons (cold regions).

Sauvignon Blanc-with flavors of gooseberry, lemon and herbs.

8. Tasting notes

After tasting, be sure to record information about the wine you have tasted and whether you like the taste.

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

Image credit: Taste Spirit

9. Induction

In addition to taking notes during wine tasting, you can also write down the feelings of each wine tasting to summarize. The most important thing is, what impression does this wine taste on you and how do you feel about it. In addition, the summary of wines will help you understand your preferences and help you better match wine with food.

10. Food and Wine Pairing

Wine and gastronomy collide with each other. For starters, there are two simple rules to remember:

1. Red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat, that is, red wine with red meat such as beef, mutton; white wine with white meat or seafood.

Second, the style of wine and dishes should be similar. For example: full-bodied red wine should be paired with heavier and fatty meats; sweet wine should be paired with desserts.

Tasting | Ten steps to help you enter the door of wine tasting

Image credit: Wine Taste

Of course, these are only basic rules. You can also try different combinations according to your preferences, and you may get unexpected results.

Wine tasting is an endless class. From the beginning, we rely on various objective references to make judgments, and finally form our own standards and judgment systems. Just keep trying, summing up, and one day, you will find that you have grown into a senior sommelier.

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