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Wine knowledge quiz: How much is a bottle of wine, and what is its pricing basis?

1. There are five arrows on Lafite's label. Do you know what it means?

The meaning of the five arrows of Lafite actually refers to the five sons of Rothschild.

In the early 19th century, Meyer 'Rothschild, a Jew, founded the financial industry. He had five sons and five daughters, and the five sons were also very capable. They opened banks in Frankfurt, London, and other places. Since then, the Rothschild family has established the largest financial empire in the world at that time. So Meyer is known as the father of international finance.

So the five arrows on Lafite's label are trying to indicate that the five males in the family should be united, and the "R" in the middle is the first letter of Rothschild. Therefore, the brand's logo is to represent the brand story, so as to impress consumers.

2. Do you know about semi-dry white wine?

As the name implies, the meaning of semi-dry does have the concept of "half" in it. In addition to alcohol, semi-dry wine also contains sugar, water or other auxiliary materials. taste. Especially in our country, people are not used to drinking all-dry wines, and semi-dry wines just meet their needs.

Wine knowledge quiz: How much is a bottle of wine, and what is its pricing basis?

3. What is the shelf life of semi-dry white wine?

Semi-dry white wine generally has a shelf life of three years. Therefore, it should be said that semi-dry white wine should be consumed within three years, so as not to deteriorate and affect the taste, and the expired wine has lost its value and significance. Normal semi-dry white wine should be light yellow. If you find that your semi-dry white has turned dark brown or brown, it means that the wine has deteriorated and you can't drink it anymore.

4. What are the benefits of drinking wine for the elderly?

• Effectively prevent and reduce the "three highs"

• Effectively enhance the ability to fight viruses

• Effective prevention of many diseases

The magic weapon in wine --- Resveratrol is a plant antitoxin that can inhibit platelet aggregation, can help middle and old people reduce the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis, prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can also Osteoporosis, acne and dementia have preventive effects.

Wine knowledge quiz: How much is a bottle of wine, and what is its pricing basis?

5. How much is a bottle of wine and what is its pricing basis?

From a professional point of view, there are mainly 6 aspects that affect the price of wine: the region of production, grape varieties, cultivation, brewing, vintage and marketing mode.

An experienced enthusiast can roughly determine the style and price of a bottle of wine based on the information on the label. We just need to remember dozens of producing areas, and we can do it easily when buying wine. Normally, the smaller the production area indicated on the wine label, the better the quality, and of course the more expensive the price. For example: if it is labelled as produced in Chile, it is most likely to be the most popular table wine; if it is labelled as produced by Baiyinzhuang, the price will be higher; if it is labelled more specific villages or valleys, such as the valley of Gagua, the price will be higher . In short, the more specific the production area is, the higher the price.

However, in the same country and the same level of production area, prices also have high and low, which are divided into large and small production areas. For example, Bordeaux distinguishes the left bank and the right bank, ordinary AOC wines, the price on the left bank will be higher, but the star village of Pomerol on the right bank, the price can be compared with Lafite's Boyak village.

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