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What brands does Jiangxi liquor have? What are the special wine products in Jiangxi? Is the wine in Jiangxi delicious?

What brands does Jiangxi liquor have? What are the special wine products in Jiangxi? Is the wine in Jiangxi delicious?

Chinese liquor is very diverse. Every place also has its own famous liquor brand. So what brands does Jiangxi liquor have? What liquor does Jiangxi have? Let's follow the editor to understand it!

湓 Water wine. It is a famous wine of the Tang Dynasty. It is produced in Liyang County, Jiangxi (now near Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province). Li Zhao's "Tang Guo Shi Bu" volume records 14 kinds of famous wines before Tang Changqing, among which there is Laoshui wine. Lishui is a river that flows through Liyang, Jiangzhou, and into the Yangtze River to the north. This wine is named after it is brewed with this water.

Yichun wine. It is a famous wine that appeared in the Jin Dynasty and was produced in Yichun County, Ancheng (now Yichun County, Jiangxi). Wang Yin's "Book of Jin · Tao Tao Ji" reads: "Yichun County produces beautiful wine, and goes up with the age." The Tang and Song dynasties are still court tribute. "New Tang Book · Geography" >> said: Yichun County, Yuanzhou, "there is Yichun Spring, wine making tribute"; Tribute. " Yichun wine was still loved during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Ming Fung Shihua's "Wine History" Volume No. 5 lists 12 famous wines in the country, including "Yichun wine".

Magu wine. This wine is produced in the southwestern city of Jiangxi, and it is made from the high-quality glutinous rice of Magu Mountain and the magical spring of Magu Mountain. The brewing began in the Tang Dynasty, and Zhao Song became famous during the Song Dynasty. "Tai Ping Huan Yu Ji" contained: "Magu wine, Magu Mountain is the best brewer of God's skill." Ming · Jiangxi Wuxi Tian Long said: "Brewing is the magical power of Quanxian, and it is superior to Su Shi's fine-boiled pineapple. Cold as white jade.

Shuangquan and Jinbo. The second wine is produced in Nanchang, Jiangxi, and is a famous wine of the Song Dynasty. Song Zhang Nengchen's famous wine list includes "Shuangquan, Jinbo Wine" in Hongzhou.
Lihua Liquor, produced in Xinjing County, Jiangxi Province, is named after the Jiangnan Pear Blossom was ripe. It is a famous wine that appeared in the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan · Jiangxi Qingjiang poet Liu Yongzhi's "Yanchuan Chuan Friends' Pure Poetry Clouds:" The city South American wine pear is white, the most memorable green silk is jade pot.
Taihe wine. This wine is produced in Taihe County, Jiangxi, and is a famous wine that appeared in the Ming Dynasty. Ming and Tang Boyuan's "Taihe County Chronicle" contains: "Yi has wine, and the name is Taihe wine." Ming note novelist Gu Qiyuan in the "Guidance of the Guest", listed twenty famous wines in the country, of which there are also "Taihezhitaijiu" thinks that this wine has the same color and taste as "Magu liquor". It can be seen that Taihejiu has a great influence.
What are the brands of Jiangxi liquor? The above are all well-known liquor brands in Jiangxi. You can understand it well!
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