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How does puree wine taste delicious? Can puree liquor be drunk directly? Can puree wine be blended?

  How does puree wine taste delicious? Can puree liquor be drunk directly? Can puree wine be blended?

Puree liquor refers to the original liquor that is completely inconsistent. Puree liquor has a very long history in the Chinese wine industry. The price of puree liquor is also more affordable. So can puree liquor be drunk directly?

1. Drinking after storage, the puree liquor that has just been produced generally contains harmful substances such as sulfurized hydrocarbons and mercaptans, which can cause dry mouth and headaches after drinking. Therefore, after the new wine is produced, it must be stored for a certain period of time to volatilize these harmful substances. Generally speaking, new wine needs to be stored for more than 1 year before it is suitable for drinking. Many companies now produce the same kind of raw liquor.

2. Drink after degrading. Generally speaking, the stored puree liquor still needs to be blended before it can be consumed. The pure liquor liquor has a high degree, even if it is stored for more than 60 years, it is still about 60 degrees, so it must be blended to reduce the degree to be more suitable for drinking. For non-blended puree drinkers, it is better to drink less. So how should we reduce it?

Puree wine
It is not to add water as you think, but to blend with different degrees of puree liquor. This is not blending. Blending refers to the use of other wines including water and drinks. Because water is added to the puree liquor , it will form an emulsion, resulting in turbidity. In other words, this is a method that can identify whether it is a genuine puree wine. In addition, for different degrees of puree liquor blending. During the distillation process of puree liquor produced by solid state fermentation, the degree of puree liquor in different rounds is also different. Generally speaking, the high is about 64 degrees, and the light is about 20 degrees, which is more than ten degrees. The so-called "little wine". Blend with puree wine and "wine".

Of course, it's not really true that direct drinking is not allowed, but on the one hand, drinking puree liquor directly can be very harmful to the human body, especially when the amount of drinking cannot be controlled. You must know that today's wine At the table, the amount of alcohol you drink is not determined by yourself. On the other hand, if you drink pure liquor directly, you will find that the taste is a bit irritating and difficult to import. Moreover, the taste will be a bit sour and even have a very severe nausea. Therefore, it is better to drink in a reasonable way.

Can puree liquor be drunk directly? It is best not to drink puree liquor directly. For your health, drink it in the usual way!

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