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What liquor brands are there in Liaoning? What special wine products does Liaoning have? Is Liaoning's wine delicious?

What liquor brands are there in Liaoning? What special wine products does Liaoning have? Is Liaoning's wine delicious?

Liaoning is a coastal and border province in Northeast China. Agriculture is developed, and sorghum, wheat, corn and other crops are planted. It is rich in water resources and is a good winemaking area. For this reason, the liquor unearthed in Liaoning is also more popular. So how much do you know about Liaoning liquor brand? What brands does Liaoning liquor have? What are Liaoning liquor brands?

    Fengqiao Pure Grain Wine

Tianzhuang Taifengqiao Winery is one of the few wineries that has inherited traditional brewing techniques. It is a brewery that retains traditional craftsmanship in Panjin City. It produces nearly 10 varieties of rice wine, grain wine, locust flower wine, and fruit wine.

The liquor produced by Fengqiao Distillery is available in high, middle, and low grades. Whether it is a beautifully packaged gift box wine, a potted "loose white", or an altar bottled liquor, it is popular with consumers, and the newly launched bottled wine is also popular. Welcome for wedding banquet. Good wine is more than 10 years old, and the current price is about 120 yuan per kilogram, which is also accepted by consumers.

Quansheng River Wine
  Quansheng River Wine

Quansheng River Wine is a specialty of Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Quanshenghe brand liquor has been deeply concerned and loved by people from all walks of life. It has the reputation of "Little Moutai " in Chaoyang. The company uses traditional craftsmanship and high-quality water resources as a carrier, and builds a brand new winemaking platform with faith, perseverance and professional standards. Produced by Quanshenghe brand fragrance series liquor. Divided into three series of high, medium and low grade, twelve varieties.

    Lingta Liquor

Lingta Baijiu is an economic product with local characteristics in Chaoyang County. The protection of the geographical indication products of "Lingta Baijiu" will increase the brand and reputation of "Lingta Baijiu", increase the added value of "Lingta Baijiu" products, and promote the rapid economic industry in Chaoyang Development is of far-reaching significance.

The above three are the more famous liquor brands in Liaoning. Each one has its own characteristics and is very much concerned by consumers. For this reason, everyone may choose!

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