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Types and how to drink wine

Drinking wine is particular about drinking. Different occasions have different kinds of drinking. As an embodiment of a lifestyle, an expression of style and taste, one can see a person's cultivation and status from drinking.

You must know the following aspects.

Types and how to drink wine

At present, it is customary to divide wine into six categories: brandy, whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum and gin; and low-alcohol wines include wine and various fruit wines.


Types and how to drink wine

Originally originated in France, it is a re-distilled wine. Brandy is produced all over the world, but the best quality brandy is Cognac. When brandy is sold in bottles, the following symbols are used to indicate the age of storage: ★ means 3 years old; ★ ★ means 4 years old; VO means 10-12 years old; VSO means 12-20 years old; VSOP means 20- 30 years old; XO means 50 years old.


Types and how to drink wine

Is a distilled wine. There are two varieties: one is barley whiskey, such as Granville; the other is mixed whiskey, such as Chivas. Whiskey is a distilled spirit with an alcohol content of 38% -48% (V / V), and the highest concentration can reach 70% (V / V). It is usually not consumed during meals, but is usually tasted during leisure.


Types and how to drink wine

It doesn't matter if the rum is aged, it mainly depends on the place of origin. It is divided into light and strong styles. Light rum is light yellow to golden yellow, mainly produced in Puerto Rico and Cuba; strong rum is golden yellow, represented by Jamaican products.

▌ Vodka

Types and how to drink wine

Originating in Russia, it is made by distilling grains such as wheat, corn, and potatoes. Vodka looks as clear as water, but it is as strong as gunpowder in its bones. It does not add value because of "aging" because it is almost pure alcohol.

▌ Tequila

Types and how to drink wine

Produced in Mexico, also known as the soul of Mexico. It has a famous ad: Life is bitter, but your agave is not. Tequila has a degree of alcohol of about 50% (V / V) and is a secondary distilled spirit. The famous brand is Crow Tequila.


Types and how to drink wine

Produced in the Netherlands with an alcohol content of 35-48% (V / V). It not only has diuretic and anesthetic effects, but also has an exciting effect. Gin is usually divided into two categories: Dutch gin and British gin.

▌Brandy Drink

1. Sprite. Usual drinking method. 掺 After mixing in the ratio of 1: 0.8, cover the cup and pat hard. After the "snap", Sprite's bubbles came out. I drank it before the bubble went down, and then felt the mixed impact of alcohol and bubbles in the throat and stomach when the bubbles evaporated.

2. Iced black tea. The more common way to drink in bars is to mix green tea. Drinking is similar to the former. You can also cover it without bubbles and feel the atmosphere. It feels like the flavor of tea blends perfectly with the flavor of alcohol. However, this method of drinking is very upset, and it is recommended not to drink more.

3. Add orange juice. This method of drinking seems to be relatively unsuccessful. It's weird, the two flavors don't blend at all. Persuade comrades to stop experimenting.

4. Lime pulsation. This way of drinking is normal, there is no sprite bubble to hit the throat of the thrill.

5. Star Court Soda. This way of drinking is very strange, but foreigners love to drink, I can't stand the taste.

6. Coca-Cola. This method of drinking is similar to Sprite, depending on everyone's taste.

7. Add ice. Of course, all the ice cubes in the front are added, this time it is pure ice cubes, brandy + ice cubes, a small glass goes in from the throat to the stomach, and it's really unbearable.

8. Add beer. I didn't dare to drink it. I started to feel dizzy when I drank the seventh kind. Now I smell this beer + brandy even more dizzy, so leave this method to everyone to try it.

6 cool drinks for rum

Add ice drink

Adding ice to rum is similar to adding ice to absinthe in Switzerland. Usually homemade ice cubes are not pure, so the texture is soft and it melts quickly. So use real pure water ice cubes, or ice cubes from ice-making companies, the size of a fist. Slowly pour strong rums above 70 degrees into the glass with ice along the glass wall, then taste slowly. Not only is this cool, but you can also drink rums from pure spirits to "water cuts".

2. Soda Drink

This is a method for drinking light rum. About 40% of rum is suitable for this method. Mix rum and soda water in a one-to-two ratio and squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice (not necessary). The rum's body becomes soft, a bit like old beer, soft and complex. Even watching beer can replace beer.

3. Cola Drink

This is a popular method of drinking in Mexico. Pour Coca-Cola into the rum with ice cubes along the wall of the glass, then slowly shake the glass and pour a bit of orange juice to create a sweet and sour new drink. The reason why you don't inject Coke directly onto the ice is to prevent the carbon dioxide vapor from disappearing at once and make the taste hard.

4. Coconut Juice

Caribbean people like to use coconut with rum. Mixing white rum and iced fresh coconut juice in a ratio of one to three becomes coconut wine on the tree. The taste is cold, light and soft. Cut the coconut meat into small pieces, and use white wine, grape vinegar, lime juice, and salt to make a snack. It is most suitable for coconut rum.

5.Frozen orange juice drink

This is the South American version of vodka. Put the light, 40% alcoholic rum in the freezer of the refrigerator, and then take it out after 48 hours. This is the rum has become ice-thick, and poured into freshly squeezed orange juice one by one. Drinking on the stomach, a delicious ice line will be drawn from the throat to the stomach.

6. Ice Cream Drink

When eating ice cream, a few drops (not too much) of light white rum can bring some woody aroma and wild honey aroma to the ice cream, which tastes richer.

How to drink vodka


Pour Vodka into a mixing measuring cup, then pour in half a glass of lemon juice and add enough ice cubes, shake vigorously and filter, then pour into a cocktail glass.


Pour half a cup of Vodka into a mixing measuring cup, then pour in half a cup of creamy cocoa and whipping cream, add ice cubes, shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass. This is one of the most common cocktails based on Vodka, also known as Alexanda.


Pour Vodka into a mixing measuring cup, then a small amount of apricot juice brandy and half a cup of chilled lime, shake vigorously, and pour into a cocktail glass filled with silver ice cubes.


Basically, this is a classic martini, except that Vodka is used instead of gin.


Pour Vodka and half a cup of apricot juice brandy, dry flavored mousse, and ice cubes mixed with a small amount of Angustara into a jar, stir, filter and pour into a cocktail glass.

6. Vodka + Orange Juice

This is the most popular way of drinking. Originally, vodka was always reminiscent of a desolate Siberia. The hero and heroine in Suzhou River have been drinking a vodka with a bison grass in it.

▌Tequila drink

1. Tequila + lemon + salt

In fact, this is the most orthodox way of drinking agave, and it was selected because it feels like a river. I remember when I was born on July 4th, there was another tequila in Mexico. There was a bug in each glass. People swallowed the wine and then spit it out. It was cool.

2. Tequila + Ice

After a few sips of wine, an explosion occurred in the body and felt strange.

3. Tequila + Sprite Tequila Bomb

The transparent tequila is mixed with transparent soda, one to two, cover the mouth of the glass, and knock hard on the table. The sweet wine swells with the transparent bubbles, which is the most joyful wine I have ever seen.

4. Tequila + Milk

Beauty and slimming, suitable for women

5. Tequila + Coffee

Add one ounce of tequila to one serving of hot coffee, and the weird taste is unforgettable.

6. Tequila + coffee noodles.

Use a small spoon to scoop a spoonful of uncooked coffee (ground into a powder), a mouthful of coffee and a mouthful of wine, with a unique flavor.

▌Gin Drink

1.Gin (Gin / Gin) + Tonic Water + Ice + Lemon Gin is famous in the UK / Netherlands, accompanied by a strong gin nut flavor. So it is usually made with ice cubes, then mixed with 1: 3 gin and tonic water, and finally add lemon slices. This way, the taste will be very comfortable, with a hint of gin and scent of lemon, clear and sweet This wine is very suitable for girls to drink slowly, but don't be greedy, don't drink too much because it tastes good, because this kind of wine has great power and is easy to get excited.

2.Gin + dry martini + olives

3.Gin + Sprite / Heart

4. Gin + Lime Juice + Pineapple Juice

5. Gin (2-3 ounces) + absinthe (1 ounce) + cocktail onion has a taste similar to Gin-Matini. The onion flavor replaced the olive flavor. Drink in a matini glass. Garnish with salted onions.

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