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Tonglong puree wine-unbiased is puree, gentleman's way with wine fragrance

Tonglong puree wine-unbiased is puree, gentleman's way with wine fragrance

Chinese liquor has a long history as one of the world's six major distilled spirits. Among them, puree liquor has dominated the long history of Chinese liquor for thousands of years. With the development of different periods in history, puree liquor once disappeared in the last century. But now the puree liquor is re-launched on the historical stage. Because it combines many advantages and meets the needs of contemporary consumers, it will definitely shine in the liquor market in the 21st century, and it will become the liquor into the healthy era. pioneer.

1 winemaking

Pure liquor, as the name implies, refers to the fermentation of grains into wine through koji fermentation, which is the original liquor that does not blend. In China's wine industry, "virgin liquor" can be said to have the longest history. Before the 1960s, white liquor in the traditional sense of China belonged to the category of puree liquor. Puree wine is a high-quality healthy wine that integrates six major advantages of nutrition, health, fashion, deliciousness, elegance and high quality. Pure grain wine (original wine) can strengthen the body by drinking a small amount of long-term drinking. And if you drink too much, you won't experience headaches or dry mouth. The real pure grain wine basically does not feel a strong alcoholic sensation, but it shows a soft and mellow taste, which is really a good product on earth.

2 wheat
Over time, puree liquor has attracted the attention of more and more wine companies due to its unique advantages. This includes well-known wine brands such as Luzhou Laojiao , Maotai , Fen Jiu, and Gu Jing Gong Jiu. The concept of puree liquor enriches the variety and taste of puree liquor, and makes a strong contribution to the development of puree liquor.

Luzhou Laojiao Liquor from Luzhou, "China's Wine City", uses its unique local sorghum, wheat and other brewing ingredients and high-quality water from the Yangtze River to produce unique puree liquor through traditional brewing techniques. It is worth mentioning that Luzhou Laojiao was hailed as "the originator of fragrant aroma, the best wine in the wine" after the first national wine review in 1952. Since then, its reputation has spread throughout the country and has become one of the four oldest famous wines in China. . The wine city of Luzhou and Luzhou Laojiao complement each other to form a solid foundation for the development of Luzhou-flavor liquor. At the same time, it has attracted more wine fans to favor other real estate wines in Luzhou.

3 Luzhou
Tonglong puree liquor produced in the wine city of Quzhou is a kind of high-quality waxy red sorghum, wheat and rice, which are special products of Quzhou, and is fermented for several months in the local cellar of Quzhou. The puree liquor carefully brewed by brewing methods such as lees, distilling the middle layer, and taking the middle section of the wine.

Tonglong Puree Liquor is produced from the finest and most moderate-quality puree fine wine produced during the brewing process. After long-term storage, it is naturally matured. Finally, it has formed a cellar with strong aroma, full flavor, and purity.

4 wine
Good wine originates from good materials. The raw materials of Tonglong puree liquor are green and pollution-free food and natural mountain spring water. The production technology also uses non-polluting green biological fermentation to brew. It does not mix and add, and does not add any spices, flavors and other additives. The brewing process is unique and fully meets the national green food standards, which can be called a green and healthy ecological wine. It can be seen that Tonglong puree liquor is the preferred liquor for healthy nutrition. From the perspective of drinking experience, Tonglong puree liquor is far better than other types of liquor in terms of taste, aroma, and quality. It can be exaggerated. It is said that Tonglong puree liquor is the perfect state of liquor.

At the same time, Tonglong puree liquor also has its unique characteristics. Direct drinking is not only pure Chinese liquor, but if mixed with other accessories, it can also prepare a variety of wines with different tastes and feelings. It is more magical. Tonglong puree liquor can also be used to prepare the most popular cocktails at the moment. Liquor and foreign wine collide with a distinctive nature and wild taste, which is extremely mysterious. It has to be said that this modifiability subverts the concept of Chinese traditional liquor, and gives new connotation and extension to Chinese liquor, and it will certainly lead the new fashion of Chinese liquor.

5 wine
Because Tonglong puree liquor is made entirely from grain, it is easy to deteriorate if it is not drunk in time and it is not properly stored. The editor here reminds you that if you do n’t finish drinking in time, you should fasten the bottle cap and store it in the refrigerator at low temperature. However, it is also recommended that you drink it within 7 days. The taste will decrease.

Tonglong puree wine-unbiased is puree, gentleman's way is accompanied by wine. Because of its strong local characteristics, many people also use Tonglong original liquor as a gift. This time, Tonglong original liquor uses Mingdudu.com as its exclusive online sales channel. Interested drinkers may wish to try , Now Tonglong Original Pulp is joining in the investment promotion nationwide, and we look forward to your participation!

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