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Shengzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the brand “Consumer Rights Service Station”

On April 14, 2017, Tan Hongmei, the head of the Consumer Security Section of the Shengzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Liu Yong, the director of the Consumer Protection Unit of the Jiangyang District Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and Zhou Anli, the director of the Dashanping Industrial and Commercial Institute of Jiangyang District, etc. Consumer rights protection service station award ceremony. 今后在 本区域 范围内 以及名酒都网全部线上线下渠道 发生的消费纠纷,都可以在 名酒都网维权服务站进行投诉、调解。 The establishment of this license means that in the future , consumer disputes that occur in the region and in all online and offline channels of sgpmover.com can be complained and mediated at sgpmover.com's rights protection service station.
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sgpmover.com is the leading vertical wine, water and electricity commodity platform in China. sgpmover.com has been committed to the construction and development of B2B and B2C e-commerce employment platforms. The chief is Wan Jiliu, the manager of the investment department of the famous Jiudu.com, and the Shengzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau will also send someone to guide the service station activities. Based on the function of the service station, Mingdudu.com will promote knowledge of laws and regulations on consumer rights protection and food safety on the one hand, and accept and accept some consumer complaints on the other.  
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泸州市工商局消保科科长谭红梅发表了讲话,在讲话中谈到 此次 授牌 主要倡导网络经济下诚信经营,强化网络经营者责任意识,解决网络消费者在互联网领域消费过程中遇到的问题,切实保护网络消费者的合法权益,构建健康、和谐、安全和放心的网络交易环境。 At the same time, Tan Hongmei, the head of the Consumer Security Section of the Shengzhou City Industrial and Commercial Bureau, delivered a speech. He said that the award mainly promotes integrity management in the network economy, strengthens the awareness of network operators' responsibility, and solves the problem of online consumers in the Internet field. These issues effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of online consumers and build a healthy, harmonious, safe, and secure online trading environment. Give play to the role of the Consumer Council in organizing social supervision and bridge ties, build a social co-governance platform for the protection of online consumers, and build a closely-connected community of online destiny. Let the consumer rights protection service station assume the role of the first person responsible for consumer rights protection, guide the e-commerce industry operators to consciously practice integrity management, improve the ability and skills of enterprise staff to resolve consumer disputes, and win consumption with more efficient and professional work The trust and recognition of the consumers to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the online consumer market. 从自身做起,切实维护消费者的合法权益,引导经营者行业自律。 Leng Changyong, the general manager of Mingdudu.com, spoke as a representative and said that Mingdu will start from itself, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and guide the industry's self-discipline.
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消费者如果遇到消费纠纷,可以就近向 名酒都 消费维权服务站投诉,这样 减少了维权时间和成本, 提升了维权效率。 Therefore, if consumers encounter consumer disputes, they can lodge a complaint with the famous wine capital consumer rights protection service station, which not only reduces the time and cost of rights protection , but also improves the efficiency of rights protection. _DSC0016_ copy
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Webmaster: Wan Ji Liu
Staff: Lei Wenyu
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