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Goddess selection guide in white wine varieties

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1. Chardonnay-Kate Blanchett
Chardonnay is famous and is one of the three noble white grape varieties in the world. It is also the most popular white grape variety in the world. Chardonnay's ability to adapt to the environment is extremely strong, and its style is changeable. Whether it is growing in cold or hot areas, it can make amazing wines. The noble and ever-changing style coincides with Kate's temperament. Well-known director Shekhar Kapur once said of Kate: "Although Kate is a newcomer, her changing qualities can be used for any complex role." From the biographical film "Elizabeth" to the comedy film "Pushing Tin" to the love ethics film "Carol", Kate's play has become wider and wider, and the skill of character formation has also become Even more innocent, is the domineering "queen" in the eyes of the majority of movie fans. Imagine that you are holding a glass of Chardonnay white wine, the heroine Carol in the movie "Carroll" stares at you, the pulse of tenderness sucks your soul through the screen, I'm afraid even a female audience can't hold on!


This article takes a different perspective and combines the characteristics of the goddess to describe grape varieties, helping male wine lovers to understand and remember the style characteristics of various white wines.

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