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Breguet Castle's female star wine in recent years

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1. Vintage 2009-Beyonce Knowles
If you want to summarize Beyonce in a few words, it is aura, confidence and sexy. The sound is solid and thick, and the high-pitched sound is stress-free. With her own subwoofer voice and black dance with visual impact, Beyonce is charming on the stage. She is always confident, as if knowing that her music will bring a strong sense of perfection to the audience; she is always sexy, that sexy is the healthy and bright beauty in her bones, and the strength and firmness that can be felt from the eyes.
2009 is a hot year. From spring germination to autumn fruit maturity, this is an ideal year for grapes to grow. The Boucheron Castle will be picked from September 23rd, first Merlot, then Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery praised the fruits of the year as "fruits on textbooks", ripe and perfect. Mr. Polly said that 2009 reminded him of the same hot 1982, and the fullness and balance of the 2009 vintage was foreseen from the fruit picking. This fullness and strength reminded him of Beyonce.


As descendants of Yan and Huang, we are always particularly sensitive to seeing the words "yellow", "treasure" and "dragon". Therefore, in more than ten Bordeaux secondary villages, it is inevitable to pay attention to Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou ).

Boucheron is located in Saint-Julien, and was elected as a secondary village in the 1855 ranking of villages. The current helm of the winery is Bruno-Eugene Borie. He has given himself a very powerful Chinese name, Long Baoli ... This passionate owner likes to use celebrities to portray Own wine.

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