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Lafite worth collecting bottles in those years!

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In 1985, the year that Comet Halley returned, although Comet Halley was not the brightest comet, but due to its short period, it logically became the most famous comet. Every 76 years, people can capture the beautiful figure of Comet Halley in the night sky with the naked eye. On November 18, 1985, astronomers once again captured the wonderful posture of Comet Halley's return, at which time it was 100 million kilometers away. In April 1986, Comet Halley came to the place closest to Earth, only 53 million kilometers away from us. In 1991, astronomers captured Saturn for the last time, and then it disappeared into the vast universe and began another 76-year cycle.
In honor of Comet Halley's return to this astronomical wonder, Lafite Castle printed a comet on the 1985 wine bottle and the words 1985.


If you don't consider the quality of the wine and ask which winery is most worth collecting, the first reaction of many people may be Chateau Mouton Rothschild, because since 1945, Mouton invited Famous artists paint for the winery's wine labels, so these unique wine labels enhance the collection potential of Mouton wines. But in addition to Mouton, Chateau Lafite Rothschild also designed the bottles in several special vintages. These unique vintages of Lafite Castle also have a high collection value.

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