Luzhou Laojiao Yanji K8 38 ° 52 ° 500ml Highly Luscious Liquor

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Luzhou Laojiao Xiji
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10 cases
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50000 boxes
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天内发货,发货地点:四川泸州市;本信息更新于2016-09-02 10:07,有效期至长期有效 Shipped within 3 days from the buyer's payment date, the place of delivery: Shengzhou, Sichuan; this information was updated at 2016-09-02 10:07, valid until long term

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[Luzhou Laojiao · Yanji · K8]
Specification: 38% vol 52% vol 500ml
Sharing common prosperity, extreme harmony
Grain condensed, the world is brilliant
Strong fragrance passed down, a model of Baozhen

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Jiujiu, a model of Luzhou Laojiao's harmonious aroma

Shengzhou Liji Wine Co., Ltd. is the sole national operator of the brand of Jiji in 2011, a new quality work of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. Wu Ji is committed to building a traditional cultural brand with high performance-price ratio, with the responsibility of inheriting the Chinese traditional liquor brewing culture and advancing the wine industry.

The brewing wisdom of traditional liquor is the wisdom of reconciling Yin and Yang and the symbiosis of the five elements. The yin is the invisible essence, qi, god, and wisdom, and the yang is the tangible things such as grain, bran, water, grain, and pit mud microorganisms. Yin and Yang wash away, one movement at a time, each other as the foundation. Based on this, Wu Ji Wine established the development concept of "harmonious symbiosis"-the natural harmony of brewing raw materials; the dynamic balance of the brewing process; the coordination and stability of product quality and the market way of co-prosperity of manufacturers.

Relying on the unique advantages of water resources, soil, air, microorganisms, and raw materials such as raw grain, cellars, craftsmanship, and aging wines, Lu Jiu Jiu Jiu series products are based on Luzhou's high-quality glutinous red sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, and corn. The raw materials, adhering to the "brewery brewing skills", skillfully blend the proportion and dynamic balance of grain, bran, water, grains, temperature, pit mud in the brewing process, ancient brewing, and constant temperature storage.

The reiki of Zhongtiandi gathers the essence of the sun and the moon. Buji wine integrates the wisdom of yin and yang five elements into the brewing process, making each drop of liquor has a unique style of pure aroma, sweetness and softness, coordinated body and long aftertaste.

The strength of the company, the company has a sound organizational structure, efficient management mechanism and timely and complete logistics distribution system. On the basis of close cooperation with Luzhou Laojiao, the Luzhou Wine Industry Concentration Development Zone, known as "China Liquor Bordeaux", has invested in the construction of a modern filling workshop of more than 7,000 square meters to achieve scientific, standardized and large-scale development. The company owns nearly ten varieties of "Yinzhou Brand" Jiji wine series, with high, middle and low-end products. The product packaging is exquisite, the selling point is prominent, the structure is reasonable, and the channel is profitable.

The company has several professional management systems including human resources department, marketing department, sales department, customer service center and finance department. It has a high-quality and efficient professional team, and based on strong talent advantages, from market research, market planning, Cooperate and support in all aspects such as advertising, after-sales service, etc., and constantly improve dealers' control of terminals and comprehensive market competitiveness in order to maximize business performance.

Numerous wine liquors have been infected, and agarwood has been used for hundreds of years. Get the true story of the century-old cellar, a model of harmonious and strong fragrance. I look forward to sharing your wealth journey with you.


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