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    The leading products (beer series) of this company (Shanghai Tengwei International Trade Co., Ltd.) are Yinghao Beer, Berdinger Beer, British Malt Beer, Maca Beer, etc., which follow the brewing process of Tsingtao Beer, with a refreshing taste and suitable for mass consumption Welcomed by consumers. Beer supply manufacturers, investment agents, joining.

    The company's main products: night beer series (Jinlongquan series, Kester beer, Germany's Iger beer, Yinghao beer, Berdinger beer, Ping Rui series beer.

    330ml small bottle beer, canned beer (300ml, 500ml), 500ml bottle beer, 600ml bottle beer, pineapple beer, wild prickly pear beer. Bottle processing / can beer processing / Farris wine series.

    The market prospect is broad, the taste of the wine is authentic, the cost performance is high, the year is hot, and the popularity is hot! Acting well-known beer brands, good reputation, credibility is guaranteed, manufacturers supply directly, the agent is more worry-free!

product description:

330ml small bottle beer, canned beer (300ml, 500ml), 500ml bottle beer, 600ml bottle beer, pineapple beer, wild prickly pear beer. Bottle processing / can beer processing / Farris wine series.

Investment policy:

I. Investment requirements:

1: Have certain economic strength and distribution capabilities. 2: It has perfect sales channels such as catering, supermarkets or night markets.

3: Have strong management, marketing capabilities and team. 4: Good business reputation and full of pioneering and innovative consciousness.

Second, the group's market support:

1. Agency authorization support: The company is free of franchise fees, agency fees, strict regional protection, and enjoys preferential agency rights for new beverages and blank markets

2. Outdoor promotion support: The Group's marketing department cooperates with agents in organizing large-scale public welfare event sponsorships, promotional promotions, new product promotions, free drinks and other promotions. The company provides detailed plans, promotional materials, gift products and professional support.

3, terminal vivid display: Supermarket expenses (entry fee, bar code fee, display fee, stack head, three stores, five celebrations, etc.) and terminal display, stack head costs company fully underwritten.

4. Rebate support: The regional market works well throughout the year, and agents enjoy 2-5% rebate at the end of the year.

5. Advertising: According to the actual market of the customer, ground advertising, mobile car bodies, outdoor billboards, door advertisements, etc. can be placed for agents.

6. Publicity and advertising support: Seven sets of mainstream media, Anhui, Hunan and other satellite TVs will be broadcast in 2015. Agency regional advertisements can be given directly by manufacturers, such as bus, outdoor, and print media.

Investment Area:

Contact information:
Contact: Manager Ma
Phone: 15624111666

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