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Shenzhen Yidingpeng Packaging Design Co., Ltd., as a researcher and practitioner of the brand image strategy of the Chinese wine design industry, has successfully designed The series of classic works provides customers with highly competitive market solutions.

The company was founded in 2005 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. We have been committed to the field of packaging design for liquor brands, and have provided creative design services for Ningbo Shalun United Winery, Huihua, Hansen, Kangmei, Custer, Great Wall, and other well-known brands. Due to business development needs, the company set up its packaging after-processing factory in early 2010, and expanded the original design team, sales team, and production management team. In the design and production process, we have reached a new level, and at the same time we have the competitive advantages of absolute quality and quantity, fast speed and high cost performance.

Strategy + originality is the source of Yongbao's professional vitality, and is the core value and firm belief of Yi Dingpeng. Looking at design on top of design and designing on top of design is Yi Dingpeng's consistent behavior. China has entered the era of strategic packaging, and product competition is increasingly manifested as brand competition. "Shaping the brand" and "branding management" are the inevitable development trends of the enterprise. In the increasingly fierce market competition, Yi Dingpeng started from the needs of the market, took differentiation as the primary consideration, and took brand culture and wine culture as the connotative elements to provide product design services for enterprises. According to the brand positioning, it focuses on improving the external image of the product, designing packaging with equal value, conveying the brand connotation and promoting product sales. It embodies a full range of designs from all aspects of appearance, materials and craftsmanship, injecting fresh vitality into customers' products. Brand building is the most powerful and lasting weapon to win lasting competitiveness.

Our company has the first-line professional standards in the domestic red wine packaging market. The company's experienced design team adheres to the "integrity-based, unlimited creativity" working attitude, with a unique perspective from the market perspective, for customers between the product and the market Discover the perfect fit. We pay attention to the originality of the design, advocate the different styles of the brand, and pursue the most contemporary sense, which can better highlight the high-quality and cost-effective works of the user enterprise brand.

With the rapid development of the company today, we are grateful for the long-term support of new and old customers who cooperate with our company. The company will continue to serve customers with integrity, efficiency, innovation and a spring-like service attitude. Yidingpeng design to create brilliant with you!


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