Guoji 5000 Thai Dou_52 Degree Luzhou-flavor Liquor _ Liquor Wholesale _ Liquor Agent

Product unit price:
元/瓶 328.00 yuan / bottle
Luzhou-flavor liquor
Minimum order:
1 bottle
Total Supply:
99999 bottles
product service:
天内发货,发货地点:四川泸州市;本信息更新于2017-05-07 09:28,有效期至长期有效 Shipped within 3 days from the buyer's payment date, the place of delivery: Shengzhou, Sichuan; this information was updated at 2017-05-07 09:28, valid until long

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Basic company information
Product details
Product Name: Guoji 5000 Thai bucket
Fragrance type: strong flavor
Alcohol content: 52% vol
Net content: 500ml
Raw materials and auxiliary materials: water, sorghum, wheat
Product standard number: GB / T10781.1-2006
Grade: Excellent
Production license number: QS510015015093
Origin: Yinzhou, China
Storage conditions: cool, ventilated, dry and clean place
Market price ¥ 1188


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