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天内发货,发货地点:四川成都市;本信息更新于2017-05-07 16:46,有效期至长期有效 Shipped within 1 day from the date of payment by the buyer, the place of delivery: Chengdu, Sichuan; This information was updated at 2017-05-07 16:46, valid until long term

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    Shanghai Tengwei International Trading Co., Ltd. adhering to the business philosophy of “professional, honest and dedicated service”, is willing to work with our customers. Shanghai Tengwei International Trading Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional operation (drinking) operating company. Varieties include beer, canned beer, maca dark beer, fruit wine, cocktail `sparkling wine, soda, and rye drink.

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Cool Charm Sparkling Wine is withdrawn from three series: Lite, Electroplating, Diamond, Sweet Strawberry Flavor, Smart Blueberry Flavor, Charming Rose Fragrance, Cool Charm Sparkling Wine with Strong Fruity Flavor is your joy and share Good choice!

Cool charm sparkling wine quality, select high-quality grape varieties in the production area, complete the first natural fermentation, and then put it in a sealed high-pressure stainless steel tank for secondary fermentation, low-temperature cooling and clarification before bottling. The taste is delicate, unlike sparkling wine with artificial carbon dioxide injection later.

The bubbles rising from the bottom of the cool sparkling wine burst in the air, exuding a strong fruit aroma, a translucent wine color, a sweet and seductive taste, the fruit aroma, acidity, and alcohol concentration are well balanced, that fresh feeling It's like dancing in the mouth, easily bringing the joyful atmosphere.

The packaging has a novel design. The bottle is the company's patented design bottle type, special wine seal, pretty bottle mouth, avant-garde packaging, eye-catching product display effect, to meet different consumer groups.


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